Be Kind, Be Wise, Be Bold, Be Unique, Be Real

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About the Mission for Tilt Advanced Coaching Academy.
— Pam Boney, Lead Instructor

Why does the Tilt Academy exist?

The goal of the Tilt Coaching Academy is committed to helping individuals live and work in ways that are more conscious. Simply stated, it's to help each of us "get okay" with being real and authentic. To do this, we have to first be okay being human. That means imperfect and having fun being imperfect, while attending to our impact on others. That hard part is learning how to be aware of the trickery of our underlying psychology, so that it doesn't control the choices we make each moment of every day. Old, well-meaning parts of our psyche that are fearful, hold us back from achieving what we could if we evolved to better versions of ourselves. And that requires quelling the fears, to operate from a core of strength. 

Inside-out approach.

In our teachings, our ultimate goal is to reduce human suffering. This means self-induced suffering that we create through our thoughts as well as the suffering that we may unintentionally or intentionally cause one another. How? If we reduce internal suffering, there will be an automatic reduction in suffering we cast upon others. So, the work we teach is an inside out process. And it requires a deep dive into our internal patterns. 

A coaching approach to psychology.

It sounds like psychology, and it is. But we've found a genius way to pull from our psychological past in a swift and painless way that brings forth clarity about how life's adversities and celebrations become our best teachers. We employ a strengths-based approach to finding out what your psyche is wanting to surface right now, and we alleviate fears associated with that normal developmental process with the support of a coach who can help focus forward. We don't dwell in the suffering, but we stop to respect the learning and the message it may bring to bear right now. 

What's the culprit in human suffering?

Conflict, stress, stagnation and chaos all thrive where the primal aspects of our ego thrive and play out without conscious-awareness. If we allow our lowest level ego aspects to have their way with our day-to-day choices, then we bring about suffering to ourselves and others every day. For example, if the part of my ego that wants more power has more control over me than my true self (core real self) has over it, then I will be tempted to dominate others on a regular basis to assuage the fear my ego has about being vulnerable. Or perhaps the part of my ego that wants to be loved has more control over me than my true self (core) has over it, then I will be tempted to let others take advantage of me to get love that is out of balance because of the fear my ego has about being rejected. The FOUR FEAR PATTERNS, are something we can learn to identify in ourselves and the first step to self-mastery is self-knowledge. 

The Tilt 365 Measure.

We have built a web app that enables self-knowledge on a daily basis and let's us see the multitude of perspectives that lie deep within our psyche. Every situation we step into will show us new aspects of ourselves that we didn't know exist. This is one reason experiences of adversity can be our best teachers of self-knowledge. We teach our students that they should welcome adversity and see it as important and powerful as our achievements because they offer such rich experiences for our learning and evolution. 

It's this simple. 

Fear is what creates human suffering. And much of our fear is "False Evidence Appearing Real".   It most often gets triggered by old experiences that didn't go well. We notice a similarity and we over-react to it instead of breathing deeply and really looking at the situation as a completely new opportunity for learning. The reality is that NO TWO situations or contexts are exactly the same as the ones we experienced in the past. And WE have changed too. What frightened you when you were in high school is old news. You have grown more sufficient over time and needs to look at each situation with the lens of who you are NOW.  

The answer to human achievement.

If you choose to live in fear, then your impact in the world may not be fulfilled to it's potential. Fear creates a lack of movement, risk-aversion, rigidity, intolerance, and a general lack of openness to personal evolution. More importantly, it creates an internal illusion in you ego-motive that you have to be perfect or right about everything. The paradox is that this creates isolation from others and a lack of social impact that stays frustrated for life. Your ability to understand that you are only the expert of YOU and of what you've studied or accomplished, but you are not an expert about others or about things you have not studied. Therefore one of the signs of potential positive influence is an expanded social reach. 

Is your positive influence shrinking or expanding?

One of the core concepts of our epistemology is the idea that we can become keenly aware of whether our social influence is negative (shrinking) or positive (expanding) and that the more self-knowledge and self-mastery we develop, then more our influence is bound to expand. Operating from fear, necessitates that our influence shrinks with others. It creates drama, chaos, stagnation and more. And wastes precious energy that could be applied to the unique and creative work that only you can do in the world because no one else has your particular set of interests and experience. Getting clarity about this one important thing may be the way to deep personal fulfillment. 

Courage required. 

Stepping into the possibilities of your potential requires courage and boldness. But the good news is that it's also FUN. Moving beyond your own, self-imposed glass ceiling sets your spirit free and brings joy, grace and good karma into the world, but perhaps more importantly it brings those things to your inner experience of living so that your core self stays calm, even in times of adversity.