Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Purposeful)


In the space between aimless and intolerant, there is the possibility of being intently purposeful about what you most want to achieve to further your vision of the future. Over the years I have learned to live more in the present than the future, so I like to spend ten minutes in the morning meditating and tuning into the divine creative to see what wants to happen next. Sometimes when we have a big vision for the future or fantasize about what we might do, we can become overwhelmed by the enormity of it and end up frozen in fear or overwhelmed by how much we have to do to realize our dream. When this happens, we are actually hijacking the brainpower needed in the pre-frontal cortex to regulate our actions and instead focused in our fear-center, the amygdala. The emotions that result can swirl around in our mind to create chaos and aimless indecision, so that we lose touch with our inner resolve. First, it’s important to notice when this is happening, then stop to breath deeply and calm the mind. Then focus in the present to break your big vision down into small accomplishments. Each day, choosing to take small steps forward to do the next right thing. Only then, do we make progress that is purposeful over time.

TILT 365 WEEKLY CHALLENGE: This week I will tune in to what wants to happen next and focus with purpose on doing the next right thing.

Avoiding being Intolerant (Overuse):

I’ve found that if I focus too far in the future I may be tempted to get impatient and intolerant of anything that veers away from some fixed idea I may have about the future. If so, I can almost feel myself getting into my fearful ego (oh, no! We’re not going where I want us to go fast enough!) instead of trusting the creative energy around me to shape what unfolds at just the right time. For example, as a writer, I’ve learned that I can’t force the creative process and write what someone else wants me to write. I have to wait for the right time, tune in to what’s unfolding right now and it will flow from my fingers like silk. I’ve learned that being purposeful means staying in the present and not getting too far ahead of flow. For it is when we are most calm that our purpose unfolds with ease and our most creative ingenuity pours forth to exceed well beyond what we might have first imagined.

Commendable Trait: Purposeful
Underused: Aimless
Overused: Intolerant
Strength: Focus
Quadrant: Wisdom

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