Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Appreciative)


In the space between scarcity and abundance, lies the simple act of appreciating what we have in front of us right now. When we live in a story of scarcity- or even striving for abundance- we can get caught up in worrying that we don’t have enough or will never have a enough in the future. Strangely, this perspective can make us feel that what we already have is inadequate in some way. We want more things, more comfort, more safety, more money, more friends, even more love. But then find that when we actually get more, we become overwhelmed with taking care of so many things or people. Even taking care of more money can become a headache if we don’t have the right mindset about it. What if….just what if…we could look around us and find that what we already have is delightful and fulfilling. What if we could appreciate each moment and make it a romantic adventure by simply turning on some good music or lighting a candle or building a toasty fire to huddle around. What if we could be more alert to the color that surrounds us in nature and provides a feast for our hungry eyes. What if we could notice the heartwarming enjoyment that comes from an impromptu and meaningful conversation. What if we could experience deep satisfaction with everything that is here in this very moment and nothing more.

TILT365 WEEKLY CHALLENGE: This week, I will practice gratitude by noticing how much I already have and sharing it.

Avoiding Flattery (Overuse):

Appreciation is a gift that looks for no specific return and acknowledges thanks for someone or something one values. Yet, sometimes we can overdo this wonderful quality by contaminating it with some expectation of return that is unspoken. It may even be unconscious to us but usually ends up being transparent to others. When appreciation tilts over to flattery, we can unwittingly been experienced as insincere if our expression of appreciation feels excessive. For some reason it then becomes unbelievable and the “gift” is received with circumspection. The lesson? Moderation and sincerity are just as important as generosity. If we find ourselves being overly generous with compliments, pause, then be curious about what drives the action. Do we really appreciate what we profess? If we offer thanks too frequently we could find that our motives are in question. It’s far better to tune in to what we truly, honestly feel deeply appreciative for, and then offer it freely.

Commendable Trait: Appreciative
Underused: Unappreciative
Overused: Flattering
Strength: Likability
Quadrant: Humanity

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