Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Brave)


In the space between timid and reckless, lies the sweet spot where we can muster up our courage to do something important to us and take a risk in the face of uncertainty. When we are too easily frightened or cautious, we may miss many opportunities to accomplish what our heart wants most. When we are overly timid, the danger is that we could end up living a life designed by others and miss our own purpose entirely. And here’s the strangest part. Often the things we are most fearful of are the reactions of other people that are the closest to us. What will they think? What will they do if I speak my mind? How will they react if I stand strongly in a conviction I care deeply about? Will I lose their approval, their love, their respect? Being brave isn’t always about doing physical adventures. It can also be powerful when we take a risk with someone we love. In fact, it can actually make our relationship better. Novelty and surprise are part of keeping long relationships interesting and it even gives us a physiological boost of dopamine (a feel-good chemical in our brain) when we change things up and take a chance. And instead of scaring people away, it can actually end up bringing them even closer.

TILT 365 WEEKLY CHALLENGE: This week, I will be brave and take some chances by exercising courage in my relationships.

Avoiding Recklessness (Overuse):

Yet, being brave doesn’t mean we have a license to go so far that we become reckless with our actions and decisions. When we have deep-seated fear about being brave we can sometimes overcompensate into a stress flip from timid all the way to reckless. This doesn’t serve anyone. The point is to be mindful while we are choosing the ways in which we want to be brave and shake things up a bit. It doesn’t mean to disregard the potential impact of our risk-taking. In the right balance of the middle path, we can choose to engage our courage to do more of the right thing, both for ourselves and for others. It is then that our bravery takes on it’s most savory form. And we become brave in ways that serve the best interest of all.

Commendable Trait: Brave
Underused: Timid
Overused: Reckless
Strength: Boldness
Quadrant: Courage

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