Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Mindful)


In the space between scattered and stoic, lies the sweetest spot of all  where we are mindful and alert as we approach each moment of every day. During the holidays, being in the middle path means choosing where and how you spend your time wisely and selectively. It is a sacred time of year where we snuggle with loved ones to express our love and appreciation for having them in our lives. And after that, it often evolves into a time of quiet when everyone leaves and we have time to reflect upon our year and consider what we’d like to commit to in the coming year. I always find it one of the most exciting times of the whole year. Mostly because I get to indulge in the spirit of the season with those I love. But also because we get a free break from the busyness of the world to reflect, study, write and plan for what’s next with a fresh new start. (A luxury in the fast-paced world in which we reside).Being busy is the single biggest temptor that is lurking over our shoulders these days. Succumbing to it makes us scattered and divides our energy into too many directions. This year I plan to write down three personal goals for next year and place them in a time capsule that will come out again this time next year. Mine will be about being Mindful in some very specific ways. What are yours?

TILT 365 WEEKLY CHALLENGE (Mindful): This week, I will be Mindful and let the spirit and magic of the season shine through my eyes.

Avoiding being Stoic (Overuse):

One of the best outcomes of learning to quiet the mind and live more mindfully is the peace that comes to our soul. Being scattered creates anxiety which makes us less effective. But surprisingly, it is possible to overuse our quest for mindfulness in an interesting way too. I’ve found that we must take care not to become prideful about our commitment to meditation and mindfulness. There is a danger that we could retreat so much inside ourselves that we don’t interact in the world as well. Sometimes, we can even be tempted to think of ourselves as superior when we encounter those who are not quite so self-aware or mindful. Yet, if our heart hardens to others, we then come across as stoic and separate. Yes, being mindful does mean we feel less compelled to comment, to engage in certain kinds of conversations and so on. But it doesn’t mean we should go so far with it that we are tempted to become judgmental or bored with people who are “less evolved”. We live IN the world, not outside it, and therefore have a responsibility to let the ego be dissolved by a warm heart that is kind and wise. We can still be mindfully courageous and bold in the way we engage with others so they can benefit from the unique gifts we each have to offer one another. When we are being our most authentic, real-self, we are able to be a witness for radical love.

Commendable Trait: Mindful
Underused: Scattered
Overused: Stoic
Strength: Focus
Quadrant: Wisdom

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