Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Patient)


In the space between restless and resigned, lies the sweet spot where one is patient to wait for what might come at a better time, while also doing our part to advance responsibility toward our goals one day at a time. Doing the next right thing that will advance our general desires for our future is much more wise than fretting restlessly today about what we don’t have yet. Much enjoyment of the present moment can be lost in anxiety about what we don’t have or wish we had sooner. Driving forward to push too hard for what we think we want can actually push it further away from us sometimes. Then when we get it, we may find that it doesn’t satisfy the itch nearly as much as we think it might. The things we wait for or are out of our reach and require patience — are often the ones that provide the deepest and most lasting fulfillment anyway. Why waste one moment of today being restless, when what may eventually unfold at the right time could be even more wonderful than we could ever have imagined?

TILT 365 WEEKLY CHALLENGE: This week, I will practice being patient for what might come in the future and surpass what I can imagine right now.

Avoiding being Resigned (Overuse):

Yet, being patient does not mean complacence or avoidance of responsibility. Expecting everything to just come to you without making an effort toward your goals is irresponsible and leads to apathy about one’s circumstances. It can also lead to dependence on others to be the adult so that you can remain the recipient of the work of others who have more initiative. This can lead to an imbalanced relationship that will eventually result in conflict if the other parties in the relationship grow tired of being the responsible ones. Complacence is a little like being spoiled. If you have too much of what you want, then you can be tempted to become smug and self-satisfied that you don’t need to change or make responsible effort of your own. When you become too compliant, dependent or resigned to accept whatever comes, then you will unwittingly live a life that is designed by everyone around you and never actualize your own potential. Nor will you live a life designed by your own hand. That takes initiative and personal responsibility.

Commendable Trait: Patient
Underused: Restless
Overused: Resigned
Strength: Trust
Quadrant: Humanity

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