Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Selective)


Riding a motorcycle is tremendously enjoyable... and dangerous. I've never experienced Flow as easily as I have when riding.

As you learn to ride, you realize that you naturally drive in the direction you're looking because your shoulders and body lean to follow your head and your motorcycle follows your body. Therefore, when you encounter a dangerous situation (for example, a car pulling out in front of you unexpectedly), you must look at where you want to go rather than at the obstacle.

If you focus on the obstacle, you will naturally drive right into it.

How many of us spend our lives focusing on obstacles rather than where we want to go? For example, saying "I don't want to be a workaholic" rather than saying "I want to spend more time with my family and volunteering."

TILT 365 WEEKLY CHALLENGE: This week, I will select what I want for my life - not what I don't want.

Don't be too selective and enjoy the ride.

Staying with the motorcycle metaphor, if you are only concerned with your destination you won't enjoy the experience nearly as much as you should: the oneness between you and your bike, your attention to road conditions and other drivers, the power and speed, etc.

Similarly, if you are only focused on a particular end result at work - a promotion, becoming an SVP, or eventually working at a particular company, you will miss out on other opportunities - and the joy of the work itself.

Commendable Trait: Selective
Underused: Casual
Overused: Particular
Strength: Focus
Quadrant: Wisdom


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