Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Honest)


In the space between Secretive and Blunt, there is a pure Honesty where you honor truth and know your actions are aligned with your inner integrity. When you are dishonest or hide the truth, you are taking a first step in the wrong direction, which can lead to bigger steps that make it harder to change direction. The longer your view, the better you short-term choices will be.

TILT 365 WEEKLY CHALLENGE: This week, I will notice and retract any missteps immediately and gracefully.

Avoiding Bluntness (Overuse):

Candor and feedback are essential for growth. However, receiving feedback can be a negative experience if someone is blunt, lacking empathy. Before giving feedback, take a few moments to consider the person and the context; in other words, think about the internal and external characteristics that led to someone's behavior. Ensure that there's an opportunity for a conversation about the feedback if the recipient would like one. Take ownership if YOU were a part of the external conditions that led to a particular behavior.

Most importantly, be real AND be kind.

Commendable Trait: Honest
Underused: Secretive
Overused: Blunt
Strength: Integrity
Quadrant: Courage


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