Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Humorous)


Somewhere between Humorless and Sarcastic, lies one of the most wonderful of human virtues, Humor that gives us a good belly laugh. Laughter is often the gift that helps us take ourselves less seriously so we can find joy in our often-ludicrous state of affairs. We are imperfect human beings that contain countless contradictions and can create a mess of ourselves in the funniest ways. What a delight it is to be around someone who can chuckle at their own mistakes and find joy in the foibles of the human situation. It provides a release from stress and pain if done right. Without it, we might find ourselves being too serious and others may enjoy being around us less.
TILT 365 WEEKLY CHALLENGE:  This week, I will look for humor in life and enjoy a big belly laugh!
Avoiding Sarcasm (Overuse):

Yet too often we can take this gift too far and pervert it into sarcasm. Little do we realize that the root of the word sarcasm in Greek means, “the tearing of flesh”.  When we make jokes about others or ourselves that cause harm, we go too far. Being self-deprecating harms us. Being funny at the expense of another is mean. Yet sarcasm is rampant in work life and others who like this habit will not want you to stop. It takes character to hold yourself to a higher standard, and commit to doing no harm to your fellow colleagues.  

Commendable Trait: Humorous
Underused: Humorless
Overused: Sarcastic
Strength: Likability
Quadrant: Humanity

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