Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Alert)


In the space between inattentive and impulsive, lies the perfectly balanced center where we are tuned into our environment while retaining the capacity to filter out the noise and clutter, so we notice what’s most important. When our brain goes into automatic, it can lull us into a hypnotic state where we are going through the motions out of habit, and not really attending to what we are actually doing, noticing, saying and so on. Being truly awake to the world around us is so important that it can even save our lives. Being aware of threats and impending mishaps from lack of attention and focus can put us in harm’s way, so it can help to slow down just 5%. That small margin can not only save us, it can also help us notice important opportunities. A passing but subtle emotion on someone’s face. A person in need of our assistance. An idea that presents itself in a split second. Being awake and alert has an untold number of ways it can serve us and others.

Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge: This week I will slow down 5% and practice being in the present moment, so I am more alert.

Avoiding being Impulsive (Overuse):

Yet, we can also overuse the trait of Alertness and have trouble filtering all of the things around us too. If our habits are wired to overuse this important human attribute, then there is a concern that we can become impulsive and overreact to everything we encounter far too quickly without due consideration. This habit can create false starts over and over again. Or decisions that end in regrets. The ideal middle between polarities here is to be alert to what comes into our awareness but to pause before reacting with action. Just notice and consider what we encounter. In this sweet spot, our actions are mindful, selective and intentional.

Commendable Trait: Alert
Underused: Inattentive
Overused: Impulsive
Strength: Openness
Quadrant: Resilience

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