Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Decisive)


In the space between indecisive and dismissive, lies the sweet spot where we can be decisive about what to act upon right now without making others feel their input is unimportant or that it can’t be tweaked later. We can’t ever know everything we need to know to make perfect decisions and can only go on what we know as of now. More information may come in later that can alter our certainty, but that shouldn’t stop us from making a decision at all right now. Waiting until we “know everything” is impossible so we must be ready to decide at the point in time when our instincts tell us we know enough to proceed. We can always consider new information again later, but will increase our confidence by taking one step forward now.

Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge: This week, I will take a step forward each day by acting on what feels right, given what I know right now.

Avoiding being Dismissive (Overuse):

Being decisive can be a very good thing indeed when forward progress and action are needed to take steps toward a goal. But we can also go too far and act too swiftly on a hunch that ends in multiple false starts or sloppy work if we don’t do our homework or consider input from others. If we operate from an inner sense of urgency or arrogance that we already know everything needed, then we can take action that leaves our team behind. Then they may feel ignored or dismissed as unimportant to your decision process or actions. Others will perceive you as someone who doesn’t value input and operates as an individualist that is all knowing or, at least, unaware that others could improve your output.

Commendable Trait: Decisive
Underused: Indecisive
Overused: Dismissive
Strength: Confidence
Quadrant: Courage

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