Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Curious)


Curiosity is one of our childlike qualities that we hope never fades because it keeps us open to possibilities and sharpens our imagination! “What if…” is a question I like to start with on any strategy or problem I might be contemplating. And then take it to extremes that are surprising in every direction. When we’ve done that, we can rest assured that we’ve considered numerous possibilities that are contained in the many polarities of thought.
This week’s Challenge:  This week, I will consider the opposite of what I think I know, just to explore the “what if” question that opens the mind!
Avoiding being Evasive (Overuse):
When we go too far with openness and specifically, curiosity, we can unwittingly use it as a delay tactic for making any decision at all. Continuous learning is enabled by curiosity, but it can also lead to complacency when we don’t make a decision based on what we know NOW. I like to say that all of my decisions are open for change later, but that doesn’t preclude me from being responsible for making a decision “given what I know thus far”. This leads to no action at all and can be a guise for the evasiveness of risk-taking in general. Character means you have the capacity for both.
Commendable Trait: Curious
Underused: Complacent
Overused: Evasive
Strength: Openness
Quadrant: Resilience

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