Tilt 365 Weekly Challenge (Innovative)


Many people confuse creativity and innovation or use the two words interchangeably, but there’s a big difference between the two. Our minds are creative every day in solving problems to navigate a complex world. So, one might say, that if we have a brain then we are also creative by nature of our humanity. And that creativity comes in many forms. Even the most pathological mind can be very creative in figuring out how to survive. But to achieve an innovation is a whole other matter entirely. A creative idea is not considered an innovation until it is widely adopted in the domain it resides. In short, it must be a good idea that has enough merit to spread. And that accomplishment can take much more work and resource investment than an idea. Thousands of people may have the same idea or insight, but few are willing to do the work to produce an innovation. 

This week's Challenge: This week, I will appreciate the effort and grit it takes to do the hard work of innovation and will invest more effort in my ideas. 

Avoiding being Opportunistic (Overuse):  We can also unwittingly invest far too much creativity in manipulating others to get our way and end up taking advantage of them in ways that do not serve their best interest in the long run. This opportunistic behavior is often unconscious, but it is dangerous nonetheless to those who might unwittingly trust a creative person that has a self-serving agenda. Some say that people are either takers or givers, but we like something in between that is truly the sweet spot for healthy relationships. The person who truly serves the world and others in positive ways knows how to interact without creating co-dependent drama. An egalitarian relationship like this can only happen when all involved have good self-esteem and strong inner confidence. Only then can we engage appropriately in a variety of contexts without crossing boundaries that lack integrity.
Commendable Trait: Innovative
Underused: Unimaginative
Overused: Opportunistic
Strength: Creativity
Quadrant: Resilience

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