Today's Great Influencers are..


They operate from a balanced inner core. 

They have highly tuned conscious awareness & agility.

They facilitate the process of rapid applied creativity.

They are inspired by a bold higher purpose.


PRINCIPLE #1  BALANCED IDENTITY.  Discover how the middle path of Aristotle's Golden Mean can expand positive influence and help leaders learn how to better manage their "inner hack" (inner critic) by actualizing a stronger inner identity. Learn how people are designed as bilateral, dualistic creatures that have an innate desire for balance and symmetry. Introduces the Four Aspects of Whole-Person Development in Head, Heart, Gut and Spirit ~ plus how keeping these in balance allows us to operate from a stronger inner core. Self-awareness begins with a self-assessment called the True Tilt Profile.

PRINCIPLE #2  CONSCIOUS AGILITY.  Unless all of the key influencers in a culture take 100% responsibility for their own continuous growth and self-awareness, the systems we create are bound to eventually stagnate or end up in the chaos of too much change. Discover the Five Levels of Conscious Awareness that help us understand our mindsets and spend less time in reactive mode and more time in conscious mode. Learn how all of the levels are useful to our survival: From Self-Protective, to Self-Advancing, to Cooperative, to Collaborative to Contributive. More refined awareness begins as you become your own researcher about how you're showing up in various contexts, using the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor.

PRINCIPLE #3  RAPID APPLIED CREATIVITY.  Based on ancient wisdom combined with modern day neuroscience, Tiltology will re-order the way you think about polarities in personality and how not being aware of them can limit or expand our productivity and creativity in tangible ways. Participants will be introduced to Tiltology, the science behind Positive Influence & Flow. You will learn about the Four Tilt Stress Reactions that pull teams out of flow unless managed swiftly and adeptly in context. Our awareness is expanded by seeing ourselves in systems through use of the Tilt Teams Profile, where we can begin to take more responsibility for the dynamic interactions we have with others.

PRINCIPLE #4  INSPIRED CULTURE.  Building a culture on the four Tilt principles lays the groundwork for exponential innovation. As everyone takes responsibility for their own growth and for being more authentic and courageous, the culture takes on a life of its own and begins to self-select who stays and who goes. Those who are adept at Twelve Leader Agilities operate from inner strength, those who are rigid and fearful being to feel safe enough to change ~ or decide to leave. The culture itself ensures accountability to a system that proliferates higher levels of consciousness and thus, produces higher levels of applied creativity and innovation.

Evolve Yourself. Then Watch the World Evolve Around You.  This course is designed to offer you, the practitioner, an experience in your own evolution. We take you through a lively and inspiring experience of your own, so you can feel the power of what lies within you as you bring self-awareness to more explicit levels through the visual framework and organizing principles of Tilt. Enjoy your own True Tilt Profile and a year-long subscription to the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor to help you easily tune in to how you're showing up with clients. After all, we cannot take our clients where we have not gone before them.

Change Agents and Coaches:  "You can differentiate yourself with the tools you bring to your clients by becoming a Tilt365 expert, but more importantly it will be how you show up that matters even more!" 

Pam Boney, Founder of Tilt365 & Tiltology.