Great outcomes begin with a great sense of self. Who we are at our core extends into every single result we manifest in our lives, both personal and professional.
— Pam Boney, Lead Instructor

Agilities are the new Competencies.. 

In fact, being competent can even impede your ability to be agile in a rapidly changing work environment. Over 70% of the workforce are X or Y Gen and beyond. They know that being agile is more important than having deep expertise as a specialist in today's changing world. One must be able to adapt to new cultures, new methods, new ideas, new ways of working and not get mired in the ways of the past.  

A fresh new set of tools..

If your company is still predicting success with dated personality and competency assessments, THINK AGAIN. Today's influencers are adventurous and fast. They want tools that work the way they do and that use a language they relate to. 

Measure it and they will pay attention..

If you're not using tools that measure Agilities and Evolving Personality, you're probably not measuring the right success factors. If you're not measuring it at all, then people will just keep doing what they do. And your results will reflect it. 

Inside-Out Development..

The 12 Leader Agilities come from the inside-out. They tap into the inner core of character strengths and create sustainable change because they instill inner confidence and creativity. 

Leader Agilities

How can we become a better version of ourselves? 

We evolve naturally and change every day. Yet, most of us are living under a self-imposed glass ceiling that is caused by unconscious patterns that we have developed during our lives.

These habits are wired into our brain and are therefore often hard to change unless we can consciously identify them. This effort to move beyond old limitations requires courage and commitment.

It begins with self-awareness tools that identify unconscious self-limiting patterns. When we are the master of our own patterns, we become powerfully influential leaders that positively affect others and our enterprise. Creativity and innovation spring forth because we have shaped a healthy human space. Tilt is an integral framework that helps us deepen self-knowledge and self-mastery for a strong inner core.  

Tilt is a unifying framework for everything human...

How can I find out what traits I need to change to be a better person?

Tilt 365 — Positive Influence Predictor is a tool that will surface distorted traits that we overuse unintentionally. These traits are clues to deep-seated needs that have control of our psyche instead of us having control of them. They come in four discreet patterns of human behavior that are particularly troublesome.

Tilt 365 lets you conduct your own research to find out what patterns are extreme as perceived by others. These are usually the clue to the golden opportunities lying beneath the surface. 


"In my Tilt 365 report, the lowest trait that kept showing up over and over was that I am not Consistent.  I was holding a belief that being consistent meant that I would be tied down and limited. Finally, I decided I had to admit that clinging to this belief was holding me back in certain parts of my life. So I committed to being consistent and changed some fundamental daily habits to establish a more healthy lifestyle and voila, all the sudden I had accomplished some important personal goals that had eluded me for years!"