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Find out more about Character Strengths & the Growth Mindset for Agility. 

Leadership Agility: Using Improv to Build Critical Skills

"Look around you; everything is changing. The global economy, medicine, technology, the environment, geo-politics…you name it and chances are, it is undergoing dramatic change. Of course, this has always been the case – but the rate of change is increasing."

UNC Executive Development - 2012
By Kip Kelly

Why 21st Century Leadership Will Demand Character And A Long-Term View

"Leadership is about who the leader is, not what the leader does... The most successful leaders are strong characters, and have a strong purpose - they do not just focus on shareholder value which is too narrow, and too short term."

Social Europe - November 10, 2015
By Social Europe

Coalition Works To Create ‘Community Of Character’

The Character Council of Greater Cincinnati's West Chester/Liberty chapter is working to promote strong character development in the community, both among students and business professionals.

Journal-News - November 8, 2015
By Eric Schwartzberg

Loewen: Voters' Impressions Of Leaders' Character Hard To Budge

Who’s seen as smarter? More caring? Most trustworthy? The answers may surprise you. This is part of a series examining voter intentions in the 2015 federal election campaign.

Ottawa Citizen - October 3, 2015
By Peter Loewen

Of Responsible And Responsive Leadership

The psychology of responsible and responsive power is far less complex than the journey to power itself. Responsible and responsive power sits on a time tested tripod which is justice, equity and fairness.

The Nation - October 2, 2015
By Chris Nwaokobia, Jnr

New Elliott School Dean Lays Out Priorities For Leadership

“What the daunting challenges of today have in common with those seemingly impossible challenges of the past, is that their resolutions require leaders,” he said. “Leaders who have knowledge, leaders with skills, leaders with character. And that is why we are here to build leaders. To build leaders for the world.”

The GW Hatchet - October 1, 2105
By Ellie Smith

Main Street: A True Leader Uses Character, Integrity To Gain Support

OK, as presidential candidates or as everyday leaders, our intent is measured on what we say and not what we meant to say.

Daily Journal - September 29, 2015
By Dr. Ed Piatt, Ed.D.

Bright, Shiny Objects And The Future Of HR

Many of us have had the experience of listening to a talk and suddenly making a connection between the speaker's big idea and a challenge we face at work.

Harvard Business Review - From the July-August 2015 Issue
By John Boudreau and Steven Rice

Character-Driven Leadership

"Is there anything more important than leading in character, serving the needs of the broader enterprise and the communities in which we operate?"

Forbes/Leadership - March 17, 2015
By Kevin Cashman, Contributor