Founder, Pam Boney, speaking at Wisdom 2.0 in 2012, and interviewed by Bill McLawhon, who was head of coaching at Facebook.  


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Founder, Pam Boney, in great Connection Tilting style, tells an entertaining high seas story about four executives, each in a crisis of their own making, yet suddenly find themselves thrown together on a sailing yacht in the Caribbean to embark on an adventure that will change them forever. This novel brings to life the Tilt Model and illustrates the fork in the road that confronts us all at watershed moments in our lives...when we come face to face with our own demons and must find the courage to become more conscious. Pam is a sailor herself and resides in a small sailing island on the coast of NC.  Many of the stories in this adventure are borrowed from her own experiences, sailing with her husband and Co-Founder of Tilt365, Inc, Dan Boney. 

Founder, Pam Boney, published the final version of her thesis and introduces the rationale for her belief that a new vanguard of leaders are emerging and will change the way we lead in the technology age. Great leaders who have the courage to challenge the bureaucracy of the past will be exemplars of character in leadership, capable of transcending unconscious ego-fears to a model of shared partnership where anyone can contribute to the creative output of enterprise. In this work, she poses a new framework for authentic, conscious leadership that scales to everyone in an organization. The link between authentic behavior due to internal character development and exponential creativity is demonstrated through this ground-breaking, evidence-based and quantitative character science offering a metric for this elusive aspect of effectiveness in leadership. Her research demonstrates the predictive nature of noble character traits and character strength development and it's exponential multiplier effect on performance through rapid innovation.  

Executive Summary on Our Science
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"Published in, and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine  of professional coaching"


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