We teach a better design for executive coaching.

Our research has shown us that collecting feedback through interviews is not the best method for determining the most important work. Why? Very simply: It focuses the executive outward instead of inward. It keeps the work on the surface and therefore, is not usually transforming or sustainable.

Instead, we employ a design that powers the inner core, for lasting change that better matches the true-self of our clients. And when the changes spring from a solid sense of self, they become sustainable over the long term. 

Our Mission

To challenge the coaching profession to design new and creative ways to scale coaching to all levels of the organization through better designs, learning circles, micro-learning, serious games, and internal certification so the culture takes on a life of its own. 

The most important purpose of the coaching profession is to help people operate from inner strength instead of fear. Too many of our unconscious patterns are operated by fearful agendas and bringing them to the surface is our art and work. In ourselves, and in our clients.
— Pam Boney, Author of Tiltology

What We've Achieved

  • We've developed a unifying model for integral whole-person development that increase creativity and productivity. 
  • We've built a powerful web app called Tilt 365 — Positive Influence Predictor; A disruptor for traditional 360s because it's real-time and based on positive psychology.
  • We've developed an edgy team climate assessment that spells out the Tilt of the team, it's strengths and blind spots. 
  • We've certified over 500 coaches, consultants and psychologists around the world.
  • We've developed hundreds of top notch executive coaches around the world, who use the Tilt 365 as their go to diagnostic tools in their work.
  • We've developed a personality assessment that performs reliably with less than five minutes of input. 
  • We've significantly reduced the time required to collect feedback (40% savings) and get better results in executive coaching design.
  • We've published and launched four continuing education courses for executive coach certification in people innovation. 
  • We have an online academy, so anyone, anywhere can get certified in their own time. 
  • We're approved by the International Coach Federation as a CE credit curriculum for credentialed coaches.