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Who should attend:  This course is the introductory course designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about Tilt 365, our model and tools. This class may be taken as a standalone class as an overview to Tilt 365, or as a corequisite for the True Tilt Profile course.

Description:  The Tilt Foundations class provides an introduction to Tilt 365, the science and history of the tools, an overview of the model and when to use each of our tools.

Key Objectives: 
- Learn why Tilt is unique and valuable
- Learn about the background and science for the Tilt tools
- Gain a high-level understanding of the fundamental concepts underlying the Tilt tools
- Review the basics about the Tilt model


Pam Boney, Founder
Amanda Young, Science Consultant

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Introduction to True Tilt Patterns

Tilt 365 Model Overview

Principles of Tilt

Mindsets Overview

Stress Patterns Overview

Early Research Story of Tilt

The Science of Tilt Review