Learn Model for MANY contextual applications.

The Tilt Models are all based on one visual framework applied to a wide variety of human and systemic contexts. The main integral model is unifying and holistic, eliminating the need for multiple models because it works across a broad spectrum of human situations and contexts. Everything is subject to environmental, situational and temporal contexts.  

One Suite of Tools scales to every level of talent.

Tilt365 develops internal character strengths which creates external agilities in leaders and key influencers. 

Use where character strengths matter.

Is there any problem you can think of that is not solved by people who have better character?  We can't.  Character matters in every problem your organization is experiencing: Team silos, conflict, politics, sensitive egos, sacred cows, poor leadership, manipulative takers, dependent people who don't take responsibility and absence of managerial courage. Sound familiar? 

Change Culture With Human Metrics

Scroll through a sample of the models below to grasp the extensive possibilities for supporting systemic cultural evolution for conscious leadership, character strength and positive influence. When you have a scientifically validated framework of organizing principles, self-awareness happens quickly.  

Rapid Self-Awareness for High Quality Relationships

Smart executives engage better with structured models that teach them more about themselves without coming across as soft. If they learn the model for human change, you leave them more prepared about how to change on their own after your work together. The Tilt Models encourage the discovery of independence and self-actualization, exposing enhanced awareness that lasts a lifetime.

One Model,  Many Contexts = Rapid Learning