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The Science of Tiltology will re-order the way you think about personality development. Learn how your inner psyche contains a multitude of sub-personalities that sometimes gather together to help you survive, but can also unwittingly hold you back too. Tiltology combines ancient wisdom (twelve archetypes) with modern day neuroscience to help you make sense of the unconscious power your primal parts have to determine your ultimate outcomes and destiny. 

Learn and experience the unconscious psychology underneath all of the 12 Tilt Strengths and reveal them as powerful personas that are all part of your inner anatomy. Transformational breakthroughs unfold by practicing “Parts of Self” techniques designed to integrate the whole self. Working in pairs, you will learn how to identify and dismantle the fearful parts that mean well - but may also be holding you back from reaching your potential. Participants will be able to rise above their own self-imposed glass ceiling and learn how to help others do the same. This skill will put a rocket on your coaching skills.