Pam Boney is one of the most gifted thinkers and trainers I know. The depth of knowledge and insight that is packed into her TILT Training, is without par, in my experience. Pam and her team, are changing the way coaches and organizations approach leadership. TILT 365 is sure to have an unprecedented impact on leaders everywhere and shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is serious about developing their own leadership as well as the leadership of others.

Adria Trowhill, MCC
Adler Coaching Certificate Program Worldwide
— Adria Trowhill, MCC, Adler Coaching Certificate Program Worldwide
I just finished a meeting with a valued, long-standing client, during which we went through his Tilt365 (my first official debrief). We both found Tilt easily approachable, discussion friendly and applicable to many of the leadership development ideas he’s been exploring. All in all, we covered a lot of ground and both had fun!
He’s keen to explore further rollout to his international team, which pushes all of my “flow” buttons!!
Pam, thanks for the countless hours and energy you’ve put towards Tilt365 ... you made a difference today.
— Executive Coach
I would like to add my appreciation and comments about the outstanding way you and Sheva shared Tiltology with us. I found the personal work powerful, it helped me to deepen my appreciation and Mastery of Tilt. My self awareness has increased exponentially through the way you delivered the class. May I recommend that anyone who wants to master Tilt should attend this class, it is by far Pam’s best work and is certainly worth the time and the investment.
— Executive Coach, UK
I found this morning’s learning truly inspiring!
Having a concrete tool to support re-balancing and reducing angst is brilliant. As an Impact tilt I was thunder struck by the delicious idea that focus and connection will antidote my hyper-driver tendencies when stressed…and all I have to do is breath and be still. Looking forward to the next learning!
— Executive Coach
As I sit here at the airport, i am reflecting back over the week and learning experience this week. First of all, you are a remarkable woman who is really brimging something profound to the world. There are many assessments and tools out there and each captures something, but Tilt seems to capture and distill the essence of leadership and personal development qualities and makes them accessible to the people who can choose to makea difference. I feel like I have discovered something that will allow me to do better work with people and to continue to grow and know myself.

I also felt that the people you are gathering together are impressive and extraordinary. I felt priviledged to be learning with them and from them.

I am not sure where the next steps are, but i am commited to diving in and using what i have learned about myself as well as using the Tilt model. I am already noticing polarities and recognizing patterns! I am so interested in the Tiltology program and eagerly look forward to it. You can’t even know how important meeting you and learning with you has meant to me at this point in time. I am in deep gratitude.
— Psychologist & Coach