Agility Labs™

Solve real problems in real time with design-thinking.

Prevent the underlying power dynamics of divisiveness with healthy debate.

Monitor the 12 team strengths on a monthly basis to keep the team in a state of flow.


Is stress and divisiveness hindering your organization's growth? 

When stress happens, people can naturally slip into four subconscious fears that can hinder organizational growth. You've likely felt the effects of at least one of them within your team in the past. Now, you can be equipped with the knowledge to deal with this!

Tilt your team towards generativity

Build a high-performance team with our Team Agility Labs™ by addressing your daily challenges head-on with a blend of design thinking, conflict resolution, and Intentional Tilting. Our Agility Labs™ delve into your team’s underlying fears that cause internal conflicts and guide you toward swift resolutions.

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Everything You Need to Assess Team Dynamics

Analyze your team dynamics to identify the key levers that will generate positive influence and agility.

Moving teams towards a generative mindset contributes to global productivity, creativity, and innovation. 

Team Climate Profile™

All team members take the True Tilt Personality Profile™ assessment and get a free composite report.

Team Agility Predictor™

Monitor 12 team strengths that predict a climate for agility, generativity, and innovation.

Enterprise Dashboard

Manage multiple teams and access human analytic insights on your culture.

Agility Labs™ benefits

  • Common team language

  • Healthy debate

  • Rapid alignment

  • Enhanced productivity


Who's Tilting

What people are saying

There’s nothing like the current moment to get started changing your life and career outcomes.

“Personality is where we begin, but it’s our character that truly shapes our destiny.”

-Pam Boney


By joining this community, you will get everything you need to conduct and facilitate an agility lab for various use cases once per quarter. 

What you'll get:

  • A new agility lab design each quarter.
  • A facilitation show flow plan. 
  • Learning aids and activities.

Interact with others in the community to share experiences and get tips on how to help teams solve real problems in real-time.