Tilt365 Certifications

Improve Workplace Efficiency with Personality Insights

Leverage personality assessments that help people grow agility and monitor their growth over time.

Learn the four unconscious ego-patterns that are the source of all conflict and divisiveness in people and teams.

Incorporate a design thinking framework into your learning, coaching, and workshops.

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A Personalized Learning Journey

We're revolutionizing how people learn through our newly designed certification process. A more straightforward approach provides an easy entry point to understanding the value of the Tilt framework. Then, immerse yourself as deeply as you wish and tailor the learning journey to your unique needs. Here’s a glimpse into the transformative path:

Step 1: Foundations: Your Gateway to Transformation
  • This course aims to explain the problem of divisiveness and how to build a generative culture. An essential starting point for anyone looking to understand the core principles of Tilt, it's the perfect springboard for meaningful change for teams who need to perform.
Step 2: True Tilt Personality Profile (TTP): Our most popular tool.
  • The True Tilt Personality Profile is the starting point for every implementation of the Tilt365 methodology. Results offer numerous applications and deepen awareness of self and others, as well as an understanding of what it means to Tilt to styles outside our natural preferences when the situation calls for it.
Step 3: Choose the right assessments for your business.
  • Beyond the TTP, the necessary tools depend on whether the focus for improvement is at the team or individual level. This program offers the flexibility for practitioners and leaders to get certified only in tools relevant to their work.

Assessments Designed for Development

Ignite Positive Transformation

Discover how to leverage the transformative power of the Tilt365 framework and its suite of tools to ignite positive transformation within your workplace.

Custom Journey

Flexible courses that allow you to move at your own pace and focus on what's most relevant to your business so you can quickly become an expert in solving business problems.

ICF & SHRM pre-approved credits

Elevate your professional standing with courses pre-approved by the ICF (40 CCEs) and SHRM for (57 PDCs), ensuring you gain recognized credentials to advance your career.


Uses powerful algorithms for enhanced speed.


Based on rigorous science with high face validity.


Uncovers what’s driving your clients' unconscious actions.


Designed with visual graphics for fast recall.


A clear path of action for growth.


Business language makes it easy to apply.

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Meet Your Facilitators

Katherine Gilliland, PCC

Pam Boney, PCC

Erika Bill Peter, PCC

What people are saying

There’s nothing like the current moment to get started changing your life and career outcomes.

“Personality is where we begin, but it’s our character that truly shapes our destiny.”

-Pam Boney


Choose a Package

Tilt365 Certification Bundle

Get certified to debrief all four of Tilt365's assessments, plus the Foundations Course for Generative Culture.

What you'll get:

  • Foundations of the framework.
  • Introduction to the story and science behind the model.
  • Assessment Certification in all four tools. 

Completing all five courses in this bundle prepares you to consult or build an implementation plan and debrief assessment with users, teams, and organizations. 


Tilt365 Foundations for Generative Culture

Discover the case for generative culture, the benefits and links to innovation, and more.

What you'll get:

  • The ROI of ethical innovation.
  • How to build a business case. 
  • The hidden power of character in culture and what happens without it. 
  • Founder Pam Boney tells the story of Tilt365 and its mission for ethical innovation. 
  • How AI is paired with generative culture is the most critical differentiator of teams that win.